Friday, July 10, 2009

A Little Advice for a Penniless Noob

A fellow guild member who has been absent until very recently has a dilemma. We found out about this dilemma when doing a Naxx 10 run on Tuesday night where he was playing his shaman alt. We wiped on the Dance and I noticed that he hadn’t released and was waiting to be resurrected when we got back into Heigan’s room. When we asked why he didn’t release and fly back (as Krys would say “Don’t be that guy”) he said he can’t fly back because he couldn’t afford a flying mount. That’s right, he quested to level 80 and somehow didn’t manage to have enough money for regular flying training. How this is possible, I don’t know. I know I must have made several thousand gold just questing between level 70 and 80. I’m sure if I think about it for too long, it will make me angry, so I’ll move on to the more important thing, which is giving this guy a little advice on how to make enough money to buy basic flying skill + a cheap gryphon.

First things first. To protect the identity of the guilty, I’ll call him Noob. Fitting, huh?

OK. So, Noob is this player’s alt. His main has…wait for it…450 herbalism and 450 alchemy. That’s right, maxxed out in 2 major money making professions. Clearly Noob is poor because he is clueless.

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s what Noob should do:

1) Farm herbs on your main! Our GM, Krys, has offered to buy every stack of Northrend herbs that Noob can muster. That’s one hell of a deal, having a guaranteed buyer.
2) Save all the Frost Lotus that you get while farming for regular herbs. These are a primary component to all of the flasks used by core raiders. You can either use them to craft flasks to sell, or sell them in stack of 5 or 10.
3) Change your alchemy specialization to Elixir Mastery. This way, if you choose to make flasks with Frost Lotus you have a chance to create additional flasks which means free money.
4) Do not try for achievements, do not play any battlegrounds, no world pvp, no heroics, no standing around Dalaran looking pretty. Just get out there and farm.
5) Look up the recipes for Flask of Endless Rage and Flask of the Frost Wyrm. Save enough materials to make these flasks using the Frost Lotus you have saved from your farming. Don’t worry, it won’t be too much to have to save. Craft the flasks and sell them on major raid nights, which are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Those are some pretty basic guidelines for Noob to follow. He could probably get enough money for his basic flying skill and mount in less than 2 weeks. It’s up to him to put in the effort. There is no magic formula for making money. It just takes a little brain power and some time. Once he gets the basics down, then he can start working on more advanced techniques and branching out beyond selling flasks and herbs.


  1. That reminds me of a friend I'm helping out. He had a level 64 Mage, 250 enchanting, 200 herbalism, and only 40 gold to his name. With my help, he got 1.6k in the first week, and now is up to 12kg at level 74.

    Some people just don't think about planning ahead, they just want to log in and play play play. I also explained the importance of clearing out his bags before going out questing, as even gray items could sell for a lot.

  2. I see a lot of people who spend all of their money buying gear on the AH.

    Very sad

    Did you ever find out why he had no money period?

  3. Hey is annonymous you Rorik? hahaha

    Personally I did spend gold on epics for when my druid hit 80 only because I had the gold to spare. I got 2 lvl 226 pieces for when I hit 80 and 2 or 3 other epics. Not everyone is in a position to do this and the game is meant to level with the gear you pick up along with the way.

    When I hit 77 I couldn't wait to get my epic flyer and of course it was expensive with the cold weather but it was a must.

    Hopefully if our noob is back in the game more often he will take the time to get his finances taken care of:)

  4. I'm happy to report that I saw said noob on a flying mount yesterday. Great write up Rorik!

  5. I've seen this in naxx PUGs. It's really just a shame. Granted 2000g for flyer/cold weather isn't cheap. I think beside the profession thing, how did he finish getting to 80 without a flyer? Must have done scholozar. I guess if I were in his shoes I'd go to zuldrak and do all those quests (that or scholozar (remember, can't fly = can't do most of SP and icecrown), do the WG dailies (you can fly there / port there). Basically just grind the quests. You won't make a ton of money (maybe 100g per hour), since you don't fly, but it's still not bad, and in a week you'll have enough for your flyer. Definately do not do heroics unless you can be sure you will not wipe repeatedly. Do not level your professions. Do not train non-critical skills (ie don't get the resto/balance skills if you are feral druid). All this costs a ton of money. Do keep your gear repaired. Dont buy anything from AH.

    I dont know what to think about players like that. On one hand, if they inconvenience me, i'd be upset. On the other hand, it's their game, but it smacks of 'can you carry me because i'm too lazy to do X'.

  6. Just tell him to buy gold and be done with it. Someone needs to support the Chinese economy.

  7. Not to bust any bubbles about seeing 'noob' flying yesterday...

    Anyone and their brother can run (not walk) to the flight path at the base of Storm Peaks (K3). There is a tiny little town remenicant of the one found on the far east cost of Netherstorm right below TK, Bot, Arcatraz, etc.

    Where was I... Oh yea.. K3... so anyone even if they lack epic RIDING skill can (at level 77) get a loaner flyer for free!! The catch (there's always a catch) is the stupid thing only works in Storm Peaks, Ice Crown and Sholzar Basin.... Nowhere else (not even Crystalsong.

    Not saying this is what 'noob' was flying... but just the same I figured I'd put it out their since some other unluck chap may benefit from it... :)


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