Thursday, October 1, 2009

Small business loans

A few posts back, I mentioned a broke guildie who had plenty of crafting professions but no cash. Since then, I’ve only really managed to do one mining trip of 1 hour to see how much I could gather and I forgot to write down what I did gather. So much for good note taking. I’ll be continuing that experiment this weekend, but I do have an update on the broke guildie. Since I have more than enough money to buy gems/enchants/repairs, I decided to take a risk and send all the materials to craft 10 eternal belt buckles to our financially challenged guild mate. I normally wouldn’t do something like that, but I had a lot of confidence in his ability to take the small loan of materials and turn it into something productive. This small business loan seemed to have worked, because he not only paid me back for my materials, he managed to turn it into 1600 gold in his pocket in the span of ONE WEEK. That’s right, in one week he was able to take his crafting profession and make enough gold for him to pay for repairs and gem/enchant his gear upgrades. This was done without farming for materials or grinding dailies. He would post a few items on the auction house, go do a battleground or heroic and come back and post a few more if he had a few sales. Now that he has some cash in his pockets, he can start branching out into his other crafting professions and grow his business.

To all you out there who are scratching your heads as to how to make money without spending hours and hours grinding for materials or doing dailies, try this:

Find a Goblin and present him or her with a business plan on how you can take a small starter loan of materials and turn it into a crafting business.


  1. Shouldn't the true Goblin simply steal any decent ideas though?

  2. The idea of Muhammad Yunus in WoW. Very nice.

    @Telburn: the idea is usually known to the goblin. He just lacks the profession or already has enough work on his hand to not need more.

  3. Wouldn't it be cool if higherlevel characters could give lower levels quests? It would be sort of similar to this.

  4. Rorik, maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet - but the first thing I thought of was someone taking the "find a Goblin" literally and heading off to Booty Bay/Ratchet and standing there talking to an NPC.

  5. Holy S#!%, Gevlon commented on one of my blog posts!

    For those who have no idea who Muhammad Yunus is, he's a Bangladeshi economist and Nobel prize winner who established a bank to give micro loans to people who are too poor to get a normal loans. I may expand on this in a future blog post.

    @Telburn - Gevlon nailed it. I already knew about the belt buckle trade and have even sold them in the past, using someone else to make them. It just wasn't worth my time to bother with.

    @Beermaker - Either too little coffee or too much beer last night ;)

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