Monday, April 12, 2010

Gevlon's Ganking Guild

So, I read the Greedy Goblin this morning and the more I read about this ganking guild, the more I like it. Here's the article in question. He found that the supplier of 90% of herbs for Horde was a player that he thinks is a bot. His ganking guild is alliance. His goal is to deathgrip/kill the bot to a point where the computer program can’t get away and will just run into walls. They will then get the guild to report it as a bot and get the account banned. This will cause real players to farm, or they won’t get any materials cheaply. This will cause more people to be vulnerable to the ganking guild and thus the hilarity will insue :) By ganking and camping farmers, prices should skyrocket as people get fed up and stop farming or can’t farm. It should be interesting!


  1. After reading that I've decided to unsubscribe.

  2. A few weeks ago I reported a guy for bot farming but yet a couple of weeks later I see him again doing the same thing. It is very frustrating and I appreciate anyone who can make life difficult for them. Too lazy to play a video game....sad.