Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gone farming

It's been a sad few weeks for me. The wild price variations on crafted ammo has all but wrecked my income generation for a while now and sales of everything else I do have also been sporadic at best, so I'm going to run a short experiment over the next week or two. I'm going to start farming again. I'll be fishing and mining in 1 hour increments to see how much I can gather and convert into gold.

Farming is an important activity because in order to fund just about any tradeskill that you want to use for profit, you need a bankroll to buy materials. Yes, it is true, you need to have money to make money. Well, I'd like to amend that old cliche. You need to have money in order for your money to make money for you.

This experiment was really spurred on by a guildmate who is just about broke (in game). He has all these fancy professions on his two level 80's, but no cash to buy materials. So, I want to try to put a number on how much time it should take someone with a few basic gathering professions to get enough capital to start a crafting business.

Let the experiment begin!


  1. Not a bad Idea however You can make your gold through the AH with just 100g. Bid low sell normal do this in addition to your farming and you should see a large gain in gold to start funding your proffesions. Check out my blog i have a post all about it.

  2. Good to see a new post!! Interesting to see how the servers differ. I thought the changes to ammo would wreck my income from ammo but its been opposite, i cant craft enough most days(usually the raiding days). Granted I would sell a stack of 200 for 10-15g before the changes I now sell a stack of 1000 at 10g BUT I am making way more now than before. about 200-300g a day consistently. Versus 100g for 2000 bullets(a crate) before every so often. I'll craft 20-25 stacks aday sometimes twice. What is your server prices like?

    P.S. thats just mammoth cutters saronite razorheads is a different story i dont even touch those seems they sell slower i may test it out though.