Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More on inscription

I had a lot of comments on my last post regarding Inscription, so I figured I'd follow up with a new post instead of posting a reply that would get lost or not seen.

For the power leveling question, I'd say it's up to you if you want to wait and do it all at once. I know it's how power leveling professions has been done for years, but it does miss the point of my last article.

The main point of my article was that Inscription is a great profession to level while you level your character because it is useful. If you wanted Engineering as a profession, I'd say wait until you hit level 70 at the very least and power level like crazy. It would give you more time to bargain hunt on the auction house for materials as a side benefit. Engineering has very little benefit to a leveling character, so why bother taking time away from questing?

Inscription is a great profession and it was designed well. The money making part of it is great, but if I wanted to play a game to just make money, I'd be a day trader in real life and not waste my time on making fake money in a game. I play games to have fun and Inscription helps in that regard a lot. I use it while I'm leveling. It helps enhance my character's performance, if you know what I mean ;)

So, in my opinion, if you have a low level alt and want to take up Inscription, start to level it now. I think you'll really enjoy it.

If you did chose to power level Inscription, I'd say just buy the herbs from the auction house, unless they are grossly overpriced or in short supply. You can also buy Ink of the Sea (if it's cheaper than the herbs) and trade it to Jessica Sellers for the inks you need for leveling. For advice on what addons to use, I'd say check out the Greedy Goblin's articles on inscription or Just My Two Copper's forums.


  1. I appreciate your advice i may or may not decide to power level. May be a good opportunity to level another class. TY for being very prompt with your answers.
    The reason i am perfecting the art of making gold on wow is i wont have time to raid or instance and its something i enjoy.

  2. Please don't denigrate Engineering as an option for a leveling toon. If leveled to the max whenever you hit the level caps, the bombs give you AoE damage exceeding the damage you would normally do, not to mention giving you trinkets far earlier than you would normally get them.
    Solid Dynamite or Goblin Land mine (394-506 AoE damage) is WAY more damage than a level 20ish toon can put out.

    Not too mention goggles with Stamina and Spirit, where you would normally not get a green helm until sometime in your 20's.

  3. @Bloodshrike: Agreed on Engineering. It's a must have for any lvl 19 twink, because of the goggles and the bombs (not to mention the target dummies and the exploding sheep).

    On the main subject, though, I agree that Inscription is great even at low levels. My level 19 twink should also be taking herbalism for its health benefits, but I just can't persuade myself to wean her off Inscription. She makes more money than me!

  4. Some of the explosives for Engineering are nice, but the cooldown is too long. If it was down to 15 seconds for grenades/bombs/landmines, they would be a lot more useful.

    The goggles are a real disappointment since they are really only great for the two Spirit using classes. I suppose the Stamina is always good to have but only having +spirit on all goggles up to Eng 300 is a shame.

    I stand by my statement that Inscription is very useful for all levels, complex but not overly so, not grindy and isn't a huge money sink. No other profession that I know of is like that. They all should get an overhaul just like Azeroth will in the next expansion.

  5. I love your blog! It's inspired me to go for the WOW gold cap and i'm writing a blog while doing it :) Check it out at:

  6. What I did was find a nice guildie would would make about 500 ink of the sea for me, and then I was pretty much set, i powerleveled in a few hours. Inscription has got to be the cheapest profession out there, and you'll make a return on investment in a day. Just my two cents, but I'd rather have a profession like skinning or something as I was leveling vs inscription, since it is pretty cost effective to level at cap. Definately pick your herbs along the way, but go ahead and sell em, you can get the northrend herbs which are probably as cheap or cheaper when you want to powerlevel.

    Good luck.