Monday, August 17, 2009

Epic gems post 3.2

All this talk of PvP and Arena leads me back to something more on topic for this blog, which is a big money making opportunity. In a few weeks, Arena Season 6 will come to an end. A week will pass to calculate who the big title winners are and then Season 7 will begin. New Arena seasons mean new gear and new gear needs to be enchanted and gemmed. When 3.2 hit, Jewelcrafters were prospecting for the new epic gems and the rest of us were using Emblems of Heroism, transmutes and honor to buy our epic gems. When Season 7 begins, the Emblems will have already been spent, transmutes are on a 20 hour cooldown and Honor will be saved to buy gear. This means that there should be a major shortage of epic gems to buy. Players with less money will likely resort to the old rare/blue quality gems for their new gear.

So, how should we enterprising players prepare? Spend all your honor on epic gems immediately and start grinding battlegrounds. Don't forget to queue for Wintergrasp when you can for the huge chunk of honor for 20 minutes of "work". Lastly, look for good deals on Saronite and either prospect it or have someone else prospect it. Basically, do everything you can to stock up on epic and rare quality gems. If you happen to be a Jewelcrafter/Enchanter, use the junk gems that are left over and start making rings to disenchant.

Or should you? At 10,000 honor per gem, it would take about 3 hours to grind battlegrounds for one gem, not counting the badge trade in for honor. In 3 hours of grinding with any gathering profession, you may end up with more gold than you would from the sale of one cut epic gem, even if the gem prices go up from their average of 200-250 gold. On top of that, you won't have any honor left to buy your own PvP gear, if that kind of thing is your bag, baby. I suppose it all comes down to what you consider fun while playing the game. My wife loves farming while some detest it. If you love battlegrounds more than picking flowers, then this may be a golden opportunity for you to make money and have fun playing at the same time, especially if the price of gems goes up due to the increased demand.


  1. First I always have enjoyed this blog although I dont comment often.

    I'm a pretty simple guy and not really in it for the money. However even I am making enough money with JC to handle my needs. I have 4 epic patterns and will have a 5th today I think. I have some err patterns that most people don't (think rare but not in-game rare). Those actually dont make much money at all since the demand is pretty low (these are the secondary color gems - green purple and orange). I make almost all my money from +sta and +hit. Nothing from any red pattern. I am trying to get the +resil one so i can stock up for the next season, I think that will sell well. But anyway i buy for 150g the raw gem and cut for 200g or more.

    DO NOT GIVE OUT CUTS IN TRADE. I can't emphasis this enough. I did this in the beginning; for everyone one guy who wanted to tip you what its worth (20g to me) there are 10 others expecting freebees. I had to get into a discussion and explain that no, i will not cut epic gems for 3g just bc you dont have money (what a crock of manure - who buys epics and doesn't have money?)

    Then there was the guy who i gave 10 +agi cuts for in trade for a raw red epic. That was probably pretty stupid of me, although I think he used them on himself (imagine if he then turned around and flooded the AH using all my hard work).

    Anyway JCs your epic cuts are valuable, do not destroy your profession by making the cuts cheap. The Ti ore is 300g each on my server, each Ti dust is 30g. Therefore each pattern is worth a heck of alot of money, which you wont really recover any time soon.

  2. Also my feeling on the raw gem supply is that its about hit its low point. People at this point have depleted their stocks of raw gems and honor and badges. The xmutes really rake in alot of dough, for the cost of 30g or so you can sell a 150g gem. In time the raw gem supply will increase due to this alone (and this is probably the only reason not to dump alchemy). I expect another market run when arena season 7? starts, this will be mostly yellow/blue gems unless i am mistaken (resil/stam).

  3. Thanks for the information on what's working for your epic gem sales. It's interesting that red cuts aren't making as much as stamina and hit cuts are. I also agree that resilience and stamina will be big sellers when the next Arena season starts. Hopefully the low supply will keep the steep undercutting to a minimum.