Friday, August 28, 2009

Inscription, the perfect profession.

Since I’ve been burned out on all the level 80 stuff out there, I decided to spend all my saved up shards and badges to get the hunter heirloom chest and shoulders and create an alt hunter named Grimsprocket. Grimsprocket was a name I came up with for a Warhammer dwarf Engineer. Engineers in Warhammer are a race/class combo and about as close to a dwarf hunter as you can get, except they don’t have animals as pets, they have gun turrets. So, the WoW version of Grimsprocket would obviously have to have Engineering as one profession and when deciding on his second profession, I decided to give Inscription a try since all the cool kids are doing it and making tens of thousands with a little effort. Now I know what all the fuss is about.

The first thing I noticed about Inscription is that it’s fairly cheap to level. Just buy cheap herbs or get someone to farm some for you (thank you Millie!) and start milling away. The second thing I noticed is that the stuff you make to level Inscription is actually useful as you level your character. I could imagine that an freshly created level 1 alt could pick up Inscription/Herbalism when it became available and actually have fun creating and discovering new glyphs, decks and buff scrolls because they are (as shocking as it may seem) useful! So much of the crap we have to make when leveling a profession has no value and just gets sold to a vendor.

It reminds me of when I was watching development blog videos from Mythic Studios when they were still in the Beta for Warhammer. Mark Jacobs talked about how in many MMO’s, professions are very grindy and pretty much useless until you got near the skill cap and even then, there are only a few things worth creating. His vision for Warhammer’s crafting system was basically what Inscription is - easy to level, complex but not overly so and useful from low levels to max level. He didn’t really get it right in his own game, but we’ll ignore that little oversight for now.

Another thing I’m finding out with Inscription is that once you get a few profitable glyphs, you can pretty much level Inscription to 400+ with the profits from glyph sales. I was shocked when for my first Minor Inscription Research at skill level 75, I got a glyph that sells on average for 15 gold. Now at skill level 133, I have several glyphs that sell for 15+ gold each. With a little work and time, Inscription is the ONLY profession that I know of that won’t cost you a dime, er…I mean silver.

It would be awesome if Blizzard redid the older professions and made them as useful and fun to level and PROFITABELE as Inscription. We’ll see what happens with Cataclysm.

If you know of any other professions that are fun, useful and make money as you level them, please post a comment and let us know.


  1. You've discovered the best secret out there in terms of gold-making: Inscription is the best. If you think it's good now while having only a few glyphs that sell for 15g, wait till you have 10-20 that sell for 25g or more! :)

  2. The market is pretty fluid. As more people come in, the prices fall. And though all the glyphs use essentially the same mats, they sell for different prices. Each class seems to have the "big three or four" they use and those are the ones that sell.

    And it's pretty labor intensive if you are going to do it a lot. 25 or more glyphs need to be re-auctioned when they expire, new glyphs and inks need to be made, etc. This takes time.

    But all in all, it's pretty steady (though I don't make 1k g per day like I hear (200/day is more like it).

  3. @Ben:

    Better yet, just wait until he's got every glyph in the game! He'll be part of nearly every glyph page at the AH. And it's crazy how many glyphs you sell a day that way.

  4. I can tell you me and my goblin buddy make 28k a week on our server fron glyphs and snowfall ink alone with less than an hour a day involved, all it takes are the right addons and learning as many glyphs as you can from research and books. Good luck with yours

  5. Should your character be a level 70 to PL inscription so that you can get to 450 ? also what is the estimated cost of buying the herbs versus farming them. I have a 72 450 alch/herb druid with epic Flight form so i could farm herbs. But would it be more cost effective just to buy the herbs and powerlevel.

  6. Also what are the major addons to use to level inscription and be competitive in my market ?