Friday, May 1, 2009

Market observations

Just a short post today. I've noticed a few things about the past month's economic activity on Bleeding Hollow.

The Pre Patch economy was slow (not a lot of buyers) and low (low prices due to low demand).
Immediate Post Patch wasn't much better unless you were a Scribe or Alchemist.
Arena seasons affect the economy more than one would think.

The last comment has held true to every season. Players have a ton of new gear that is immediately available to them that wasn't before. For season 6 that is Deadly offset pieces and Hateful set pieces. Sure, you could get a few from the Vault or badges, but the offset pieces required a rating. Contrary to what the Arena Junkies gladiator level players think, getting a rating above 1600 in season 5 or 6 is NOT easy for the vast majority of us. Anyway, the number of people getting upgrades from PvP vastly outnumbers the number of people getting Ulduar upgrades, so we get things like uncut rubies going for 80+ gold and a lot of movement in the enchanting business. I don't think the demand will taper off for a little while either, since a) it will take several weeks for most teams to top off their arena rating and b) it takes a ton of games to grind out enough honor to buy something. That alone should spread out gear upgrades for at least a month.

So, while the Scribes made a killing the week after 3.1 and Alchemists are selling potions at a decent rate, now is the time to start making money as a jewelcrafter/enchanter. Oh hey, look at that, those are the professions of my wife's Death Knight ;)

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