Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Drunkenclod over at Blessing of Might seems to be experiencing what a lot of others are going through. What would that be? Apathy. I think a lot of players are getting worn out on WoW. The guild has had fewer and fewer people online and blogs across all spectrums are shutting down or are posting less frequently. I thought Ulduar and Arena season 6 were supposed to breathe new life into WoW. It did with the economy for a few weeks, but products aren’t moving as fast for me or my wife as we had hoped. I’m not selling nearly as much buff food and ammo sales are sporadic.

That isn’t to say there is nothing to do. My wife and I have been doing the Argent Tournament dailies, farming honor and materials and doing Wintergrasp when we can. That keeps us busy enough. That won’t last for too much longer though. I’ll have my Crusader title in a few days and with fewer people online in the guild, I’m probably not going to be doing much PvE because I refuse to PUG and the only gear I want is PvP gear so there really isn’t much of an incentive for me to raid. That leaves farming honor and farming materials. That’s not exactly motivating. Adding to that, my arena team has a slim shot at getting past 1550 so we’ll be running into a brick wall every week trying to get the rating up and getting frustrated with the power combos of the month (I’m looking at YOU rogue/priest).

Are you experiencing the same lack of interest on your server or guild? Voice your apathy!

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  1. No apathy here, but as I put in in my AUO post..

    I sit down to play, but keep thinking "I should really get outside and work on (insert list of jobs to do around the house here)".

    I just blame the weather. Too nice.