Friday, May 15, 2009

Scribes Have More Fun

The only professions that aren’t shared between my character and my wife’s 3 characters are blacksmithing, tailoring and inscription. That’s not a bad spread of professions over 400 skill and many of them are at 450. In terms of making money in game, we seem to have found our niche and know what sells and doesn’t sell. I always get the feeling though that I could be making more money. We’re not poor by any means, but we’re not swimming in gold like Scrooge McDuck is. When my wife’s death knight hit 80, I pushed her towards jewelcrafting/enchanting as there is a decent synergy between the two. She can craft jewelry and disenchant it and sell the dusts for more than the materials cost and it will sell faster than the original materials.

After reading through my long list of WoW economy blogs again, it seems I may have misguided her professions by ignoring Inscription. First, to get this out of the way, I absolutely will never get rid of Engineering, so changing professions for me is out of the question. For my wife, she’s making a steady income so dropping one of her professions and leveling inscription isn’t really necessary. But, looking at the money being made by the authors of the other wow economy sites (and by fellow guildmate Krys) makes me realize just how easy it is to rake in cash as a scribe.

Let’s look at the basics. Scribes need herbs to mill into pigments to turn into inks. The thing that is frustrating here is that any standard Northrend herb can be milled into 2-4 of the pigments that are used to make the ink for the top tier of glyphs. So even if you bought all your herbs from the auction house, it will only cost between 1 and 3 gold on average to make a glyph and most glyphs sell for 20-30 gold each. I don’t know of any other profession that has such huge profit margins. Huge profit margins also leave room to undercut all your competitors. Another great thing about inscription is that unlike say, engineering where I make ammo for one class – hunters, your target audience is pretty much every character, because everyone should use glyphs. Even after buying a dual talent spec, people still need to change glyphs all the time as they try new build/glyph combos for pvp and pve.

So, if one of my friends were to start a new character and ask what profession they should take, Inscription will always be my suggestion. Unless of course they want to be a part of the cool crowd and rock the goggles.


  1. No offense but your guild mate makes gold from glyphs that he has either researched or learnt from the book of glyph mastery. It will take you a very, very, very long time to see any gold coming from this profession.

  2. Anonymous - Not really. Our guild mate that Rorik is referring to managed to get rolling in dough immediately after inscription was born. He had been saving his herbs that he collected (which doesn't take long at all) and managed to level to 450 in less than a week...if I remember correctly. And yes, getting the glyph mastery books might take some dough but that dough is what you earned along the way selling the trainable glyphs as you go along. I bet I could start inscription right now and be making a profit in two weeks. You say it's not gonna happen but I never say no to a challenge:)