Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interesting blue post on ammo

Ghostcrawler responded to a post from a hunter on a range of subjects. You can find it here. There are a few interesting comments made.

But we did design the hunter around having potent CC, and we don't think their CC feels scary any longer. Traps are probably in most need of some attention here. We'll try and go into more detail in the class Q&A if it isn't too far away.

First, it seems the developers are really getting the point that hunters in PvP aren't anywhere near what they used to be or should be. I can only hope they made some changes soon so my arena partner Krys and I can get our 2's back to a more respectable rating.

The more interesting comment is this one:
We agree with the comments that ammo costs have gotten too high. It was acceptable when hunters realistically did not die as often, and thus didn't have high repair bills. But it has gotten too high now.

I certainly hope Ghostcrawler is talking about vendor ammo and not crafted ammo. I know they have plans on redoing how hunter ammo works. This plus the comment above doesn't bode well for us Engineers who make a living from ammo sales. I really have no idea how much ammo a hunter goes through in a week but I'd guess that a raiding hunter that does some light questing/skinning on the side doesn't spend as much on repairs and ammo as a tank that does the same. I'll have to gather some data from the guild hunters to see how expensive things have become.


  1. A serious raiding hunter can get through 2 crates or more in a single raid.

    If people do not slack, more time in combat can take this up to 3 crates reguarly

    If you class that as 50g per crate, which seems to be the average price around my server, thats 150g on ammo. Even on a night where we don't wipe once, we spend the same money on ammo.
    If we do wipe, we still use mail which has high durability, so we take the same durability loss as any other DPS for dying.

    I don't mind paying that much to put out top-end performance, as it does show a difference between those who want to perform well, and those happy to buy vendor-ammo and just do "ok" in a raid situation.

  2. Well if they do something to nerf our crafted ammo somehow, the last thing I will be keeping engineering for is my flying machine, the mote extractor is kind of pointless as i farm/see clouds less and less. I cant even see them on my mini map anymore unless I remember to tinker with my belt, since I can easilt replace my goggles now. No new patterns in ulduar, non stacking enchants what incentive is there really to keep the profession. Almost started feeling sorry for the hunters and lowered my posting price on ammo, almost. 10g per 200 :) What are your thoughts on the profession.

  3. RFairney put his estimate at up to 150G. I think with our server prices, I would spend about 100g on ammo for a single Naxx run. It ain't cheap. That's why I prefer to take my mats to "Rorik's Guns and Ammo", for fast, (almost) courteous service, and no mis-fires! (well, hardly any)

  4. Freakin hunters ...bite the bullet (so to speak) get up close and personal with your melee weapons.


    hehehe ...my hunter husband is gonna lay the beatdown on me after that one.