Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Pet Peeves

Some of these are just minor annoyances. I know a lot of times people are rushed to type and mistakes get made a lot. That’s fine. When I see these mistakes being made on forums or even worse in business emails, it makes me a bit mental. I’m not the best at grammar and punctuation, but here goes.

1) Advise and advice – I see this one over and over again on forums where people write “my advise is”. Seriously, stop playing WoW and do your English homework. I’ll give examples of the correct usage: I’m going to give you some advice. Please advise him of the problems with his gear. One ends in “ice” and is pronounced like “ice”. See? Is that so hard?

2) Their, there and they’re –You should know this before you make it to college. If you don’t know the difference, look them up.

3) Rude PuGs in vent – Name calling when someone makes a mistake in a group or raid, making funny sounds too often and chatter at inappropriate times. These are all the characteristics of rude PuGs. As Penny Arcade summed up so well, Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Dickwad. That’s right Mr. I Make Chewbacca Noises, it was funny the first time, but now you’re just annoying. The name calling thing came up just a few days ago when I was healing a Naxx 25 with a group of ½ guildies and ½ PuGs. One of the PuGs wasn’t following directions well in a stressed situation and someone else started running his mouth and name calling. That kind of behavior should not be tolerated.

4) Guildies who pug vault on Tuesday afternoon – A significant number of my guildmates and people on my friends list PuG Vault before I even get home from work on Tuesday. WTF? Maybe if they waited for the rest of us they wouldn’t get loot ninja’ed from them and we’d have more stuff to do as a guild. That’s right, I’m looking at YOU AUO! Get a grip on your completion anxiety and wait for the rest of us to at least get home from work!

5) Fish feast – Wouldn’t you rather have the spell power or attack power buff and stamina? You’re hurting my sales! Now go buy some firecracker salmon and dragonfin fillet. You’ll find them on the auction house in convenient stacks of 5.

6) Wannabe raid leaders – What’s that saying about too many cooks in the kitchen? Just because we wiped doesn’t mean the strategy isn’t sound or tanks/healers need to be replaced. Sometimes, $#!^ happens. Suck it up and try what works a few more times before you confuse the whole raid with Plan B, C and D.

7) Using SO as an intensifier – This is used most frequently as “Thank you so much!” with an emphasis on the “so”. What’s odd is that I usually hear it from women more than men. Other examples are “The sky was so blue” “That movie was so bad” and “That guy is so tall!” The word “so” isn’t an intensifier like the word “very” is. Need more details?

OK, I feel SO much better now. ;-)


  1. HEHE! Man i'm guilty on like most of your stuff :(

  2. I think I'm free and clear of almost everything on the list Rorik, except I can't seem to get to any 5 mans or raids lately. Heck, last night a heroic UP was starting right as I was heading to bed. Would have loved to have gone just for the rep, no real loot needed.

  3. This blog is soooo funny. lol Good stuff though really.

  4. re: Fish Feast - as a tank, I fish up my own Dragonfin and make my own filets. My wife plays a priest and she keeps herself in whatever food is tops for her.

    But she also brings fishfeasts. There will inevitably be some raid members that a)don't bother, b)don't know, c)don't have time or d)forget to gather or buy the "good" food for them. So our raid always has a fishfeast, but the healers and tanks *always* have their "best" food.

    Some DPS also have their "best" food, but some don't always do so. I imagine a lot of fishfeast usage is raidleaders or core raiders making sure the raid is foodbuffed even if everyone didn't bring food.