Monday, June 1, 2009

WoW Pet Peeves

Justamom over at Magerly Different had a list of her WoW Pet Peeves back in May and I wanted to do my own list. My list focuses more on the "WoWspeak" that players have invented due to lack of typing skills, lazyness, etc.

1) Using the word "roll" to mean "create a new character". I'm pretty sure I know how this one got started. As a former Dungeons & Dragons player, I've rolled quite a few characters in my lifetime. It always involved several dice, thus the "roll" part. In WoW, there is no rolling during character creation, so you aren't "rolling" anything! So, all of you "roll" users, please return the word to its rightful place in the pen and paper role playing arena. That reminds me, please learn the difference between the words "roll" and "role". English is fun!

2) Chieves and Chanters. These two pop up in guild chat all the time and it drives me nuts! They are short for achievement and enchanter. Chanters are monks who recite words in a monotonous and repetitive tone, so sorry, that word is already taken. Chieves just looks like someone misspelled chives, which go on baked potatos.

3) Using odd abbreviations for dungeons or raids. The one that comes to mind most is "VC" for the Deadmines. It took a while before I found out that VC was Edwin VanCleef. Is it too hard to type out Deadmines?

4) Toons. I can kind of see why people started using the word toon, since WoW has a cartoonish art style and the word character is 5 letters longer to type. As we who play dirty auction house tricks have found, people are lazy, so now we have people using the word toon and paying 200% prices for a stack of 4 saronite bars. Which brings me to my last pet peeve for this list.

5) Lazyness. Players will spend 10 hours a weekend farming for herbs/ore/leather and when they get yelled at for doing less DPS than the main tank, they get offended. How about spending 1 of those hours reading a helpful blog or two, or maybe a site like Elitist Jerks and figure out a proper attack rotation and talent build? Those of us who do good DPS in PvE got there by doing a little research. Try asking us and we'll be more than helpful. Besides, top DPS players love to have their ego stroked ;-)


  1. You got me on 1, 3, and 4, I'm sorry to say.

    /hides face in shame.

    "Chieves" I've never heard. That one would bug me, too.

  2. Millie - AKA Rorik's Better HalfJune 1, 2009 at 3:29 PM

    LOL Misneach!!! At least you've come clean. I have to say I too have broken rules 1, 3 and 4 but the only reason I use the term VC is because that's what I thought it was called. I never knew it was actually The Deadmines. Just goes to show how little I know about the game. Which probably also makes me guilty of rule number 5. Wow, is Rorik gonna be peeved at me! :)

  3. Most people call Deadmines "VC" because of Dire Maul, which is usually referred to as "DM."

    On the one hand I agree that internet and text message communication has eroded people's ability to form complete sentences, but on the other hand it's nice to have a common, working language while in-game. I certainly see Rorik's point, though.

  4. I use acronyms for dungeons and raids, it's just when the acronym doesn't make sense. Or when I get a whisper with no other words other than the acronym, like when I was about to run a guildy through the Ramparts, I get a whipsper of "BF". If he had said "can I go with you to Blood Furnace if you are going?" I probably would have taken him.

    Apparently, I need to have a talk to Millie about #5 ;-)

  5. Gotcha. Yeah, I'm with you there.

  6. #5 would be the most important one to me. I'm no expert in my class but certainly wanted to do enough dps so that I wouldn't be a detriment to a raid. Finding a rotation for any class is sooo easy. No one expects leetness just competance

  7. Oooo leetness a word? hehe

  8. I like it when rorik strokes my ego!! I think a pet peeve of mine would have to be dumb character names like ipwnfaces or captain stabbykins. Just quit the game plz.

  9. @Dagr: Absolutely. If I see one more person named "Icritmypants" or something similar I'm gonna scream.

  10. Another reason for 'VC' being called VC instead of DM (Outside of Dire Maul reference) is that in the olden days people used to run just the quests IN the Deadmines (Including the undead zone).

    Hence the differentiation.
    DM - Deadmines.
    VC - Van Cleef the actual instance.