Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This just in: Epic Gem prices, transmutation and prospecting rates

After some searching on the mmo-champion forums, I found the prices of epic gems and a small titanium ore prospecting data sample. Here's the thread:

and the prospect rate thread:

Prices will be 10,000 honor or 15 emblems of heroism. The prospect rate seems to be about 25%, or 1 per stack of 20 ore. It is also possible to get Uncommon and Rare quality gems from the prospect. 10 titanium dust can be turned in for 1 Jewelcrafter's token.

For transmuting, see this thread:

The more interesting transmute is for the Cardinal Ruby, which takes 9 Forest Emeralds. Sounds like a good way to get rid of those rare gems that don't sell well or sell cheap.

With all these methods of obtaining epic gems, I'm beginning to wonder if holding on to Titanium Ore will be worth it. I'll have to give it more thought before I hazard a wild ass guess.


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  2. I expect that Epic gems will sell well in advance of 120-160g which is the recommended buy order price for a stack. So I think yes, worth holding onto... especially given I sunk 2k into it already 0_o

  3. My thoughts are that ore prices are going to go up and up and up until the patch hits, then plateau for a few weeks, the drop down to a steady state. But who knows! Now that we have some ideas on the prospecting rates we start to know how much we need to accumulate. The other thing that people are overlooking; with all the farmers in icecrown, I find myself competeing with several people all the time. If I am lucky i'll get a node or two in an hour. That's not much reward for time invested. BUT! There is another way to do this. GO do WG every day, and reap in the honor. Remember gems sells for 10k honor? If you don't care about PVP, just soak up the honor and buy gems. That would be my plan. The time reward is funner, and you wouuld put in the same amoutn of effort to get 10k as it would to farm a stack of Ti ore.

  4. "The time reward is funner"

    Funner? /sigh

    Please tell me you did that on purpose ;)