Thursday, June 11, 2009

Writers Block

There doesn’t seem to be a lot to write about in WoW lately. The game seems to be on cruise control for the most part, with few major changes to class mechanics or professions. This doesn’t really bode well for me as a new WoW blogger as I'm struggling for stuff to write about. I’m beginning to realize why so many old and popular blogs have closed down in the past few months. There just isn’t a lot of excitement going on in the game to keep long time players interested and thus, long time bloggers have less to write about too. Wowenomics has a nice discussion about the Death of WoW that ties into this idea quite nicely.

So here’s my take on the Death of WoW. For people like me who had a level 70 well before Lich King was released, we’ve probably done most of what we’ve wanted to do in Lich King. We’ve leveled to 80, sometimes on several characters, and got a lot of great epic level gear from the treadmill that WoW haters loathe so much – reputation, heroics, Naxx and PvP. We’ve leveled our tradeskills and have a ton of achievements/mounts/pets/titles to show off. So now what? Ulduar is out, but that really is only enticing to the more hard core raiders. PvP is as frustrating as it always has been. The next major content patch is months away. Yea, I can see why the hard core players (those that play at least 15 hours a week) are starting to lose interest.

I guess it’s not really a bad thing that we hard core players have less to do in game. I used to have hobbies outside WoW. I have over $1000 of telescope and astronomy equipment that hasn’t been touched in a really long time. I used to enjoy cooking dinner for my wife and me. The list of hobbies and activities that were superseded by WoW goes on and on and now I have more time to get back into them.

What say you? Are you playing more or less than 15 hours a week and how much has that changed in the past 2 months? Are you running out of stuff to do in game?

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  1. Definately playing less than 15 hours/week but not necessarily due to running out of stuff to do. Mostly RL stuff but still try to make the time to play the economy and speak w/ friends... and blog of course :)

    As far as writer's block goes I certainly can share your sentiment. One of the things I do to help with that is that I have a long list of subjects that I could write about when feeling inspired. As a new idea hits me I add it to the list. As a result, I find more often then not that I've got too many things to write about just not the time to do so. Maybe you should try to generate such a list? Hope it helps.

    That said, the WoWenomics team and I all like your style and would hate to see you stop writing. Here are a few WoWenomic column ideas (from our shared group list) that may inspire you. Feel free to use (or not use) as you wish:

    -10 dumbest things I've heard in /trade chat
    -Follow up on older columns. How'd it work out with that competetor?
    -Does WoW ever effect your RL business or economic choices?
    -What gold making strategy makes the most gold? Which one does so over the long term with constant income? Which one is fastest but shows diminishing returns?
    -Who buys this S**t anyway? A column about over priced and dumb things for sale.
    -Changing profit making ways when needed. How to see when it's time to make a change and what to do.
    -Guild economics.
    -My other mount is a mammoth! When and how to pimp out you alt.
    -Profitable PVP... is there such a thing.
    -Profitable raiding... same.
    -Will dance for tips... interview with someone that does this. Do they actually make money?
    -Does best in slot glyph/gem/enchant = most profitable?
    -The perfect farming/gold-making/or selling toon.
    -Old school consumables that still make money.

    Anyway, just a few ideas. Hope it helps. Bear in mind that if you don't use them we will... well, eventually/one day/maybe/possibly anyway :)