Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The 2-Hour Crazy Lady

By staff reporter Cathy C.

Yes that’s me!! For two hours, a couple of nights per week, I stand in the Auction House with my multitude of flasks (my HOT item). You should start heading to the AH around 6:00 pm. Presently, Endless Rage is just that ..endless. None of the other flasks are doing nearly as well in price and sales.

Where to Start:

Firstly I will do an item search for my flasks. What’s the price? How many sellers? Are there any flask spammers with 50 flasks up? With all these questions answered, my first decision will be whether the price I’m using to maintain the lowest bid is profitable enough for me. If it isn’t and the prices are too low and too many flasks listed, I’ll either check back later or hold off until another night.

For tonight, lets say it was a prime selling situation (since it actually was). The price point was perfect, not an over abundance of sellers or flasks. Since I am in competition with my husband, he takes the 5 stack approach and I take the singles.

Next Step:

I will take my first 2 flasks and undercut by about 10-25 silver. While I wait for the first couple to sell I give shout outs for other items in my bags that I’ve crafted from Jewel Crafting. Within a few minutes the first 2 are gone and I replace them immediately with 2 more. Now, if one of the other sellers is checking periodically on the Endless Rage situation, he will just see the same 2 flasks I’ve had up with the same price point. Later, he may undercut thinking he is safe, but immediately go just a few silver lower with two more flasks and remove the other two you had listed at the higher cost. This happened to me 2 or 3 times this evening but I just keep slightly undercutting. As long as I was still comfortable with the price point, I was in the game and kept my sales moving. Most of the 2 hours I would simply replace the 2 flasks without issue. With Ulduar raiding starting to rise, I was selling them probably every couple of minutes at times. Shortly after 8 pm things will die off. I sold about 40 flasks this evening in about 2 hour period with little variation in my price.

Final Step

I certainly realize this particular strategy would make many people cringe. It takes tons of patience and is not for everyone but I like the excitement of seeing my stuff moving so quickly and staying on top of the sales for that night. Most important thing to remember is to call it a night if someone undercuts by a ton. The time you spent in farming the mats has value so don’t sell yourself short.

Additional Tip: Always have an Elixir Master make your flasks so you can enjoy the procs.

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