Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot or Not?

Today's post comes to you from a fellow guildmate of mine, Cathy. Cathy has a lot of experience at working the auction house as a power farmer/crafter. She farms extensively on her and her family's characters and then converts it all to consumables to sell for quite a bit of profit.

And now...

What’s Hot & What’s Not? Patch 3.1
By guest reporter Cathy

As an avid farmer, I had my plan in place a couple of months before the patch as to how I would make my fortune from Patch 3.1. Having 3 players in my home certainly helps as I can farm for herbs on my daughter’s toon, make flasks on my husband’s toon, sell gems on my main, fish to cook buffed food, and make titansteel on my main and my alt.

Did I make projections that bit me in the ass? Absolutely, but for the most part it’s been quite a windfall. Now, I’ll tell you what’s hot and what’s not in 3.1 from my professions prospective and sales. Unfortunately, I’m sure there are other views that can be filled in by Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers as we don’t have any in our household :)

NOT – I didn’t take into consideration that the drops for the BS patterns would rarely come up as people slowly make their way through Ulduar. Therefore, prices dropped to 70g as oppose to 90g before the patch. My hope was for 120g per titansteel. I have been selling them regularly at that price and should have all 40 sold by the end of today.

Buffed Food
HOT – The buffed food I had stored is certainly selling, but not at prices that were higher before the patch. Sometimes I need to re-list, but most are selling. Blackened Dragonfin is a great one with a +40 agility buff, but takes 2 fish instead of 1 to make. It seems to always sell without re-listing. Attack power food does well, followed by crit and spell power food. My biggest disappointment was the +spirit buffed food (Cuttlefish). I thought with the nerf to mana regen it would sell really well, but luck. It’s the most difficult to sell. I’ve been joking with my guildies about making my fortune from their misfortune, so I better hand out some free cuttlefish (blush). Increased runs of Ulduar should help keep the buffed food market moving forward.

NOT – I say “not” for the gems because the price only rose for a day then seemed to fall. I think after a day or so the prices came down to where they were before the patch. The Scarlet Rubies may pop in price from time to time, but overall I was disappointed with the sales. As Rorik suggested to me, perhaps when the new PVP season starts prices will take a hike. Overall gems sales for me were disappointing.

HOT – Glyphs are one of the biggest sellers with duel spec. Since my hubby is a Scribe he has been making a small fortune since the patch. The Books of Glyph Mastery that contain the new recipes are in high demand with high prices of 1000-2000. Everyone wants those 50 world drop glyphs. Hubby has gotten 6 Books and makes from 50-100g each new glyph. He is always hoping for a glyph that has not been discovered yet on the server. Keeping up on the mats is the challenge.

HOT – Herbs are selling well but the price has not increased much and now with the mats changing for Endless Rage, Goldclover has increased in price, but fireleaf has decreased. Soooo I made a big mistake with 3 stacks of fireleaf in the bank that I didn’t turn into flasks before the patch, so I took a hit on those.

HOT – This is my bread winner for this patch. With tons of herbs stored I’ve been selling tons of Endless Rage. I haven’t bothered with any others because the sales are steady with this flask. With more people beginning Ulduar more flasks will be required. I’ve only just run out of mats this morning and had to do some farming. I’ve sold probably 80 flasks.

Eternal Belt Buckles
HOT – For me, this was a hot commodity the first day or two, selling for about 60g each. The price has been up and down so keep an eye on your auctions for this one. Price may pop up again for the next season of arena.

HOT – Although we don’t have any enchanters in the house, I do know this profession is doing well. The only complaints I hear from guildies in this profession is that keeping up with the mats can be a pain. This is another hot item that should continue to do well through the new pvp season.

To make gold in the game it just takes time. Dedicate some time each day or every other day to farm items that will bring gold your way. If your professions are not making money at this time, see what rep items like the Relics of Ulduar are bringing in. They were very hot for a while. Farm specific mats that are in high demand. OH… and of course there are lots of dailies, which may not make you rich, but keep you on top of repairs food/pots etc.

If you don’t have fishing and cooking on at least one toon…SHAME ON YOU!!. These are free professions that have been making me a nice sum. Even if you just did the cooking daily, the 10 spices you get from the quest will get you roughly 25g per day.

With all the mats I had stored up, my goal was to make 10k from this patch and thus far since Tuesday hit I’m at 9068g and should hit my target by tonight. Not too shabby at all. I look forward to hearing from others about their “Hot” sales from this patch.


  1. Excellent article from Cathy!!! I'm definitely going to take notes and start focusing on "hot" items that will get some money in my bags. I have to say above all else the Titansteel was definitely a disappointment as Cathy mentioned. I know Rorik had been saving up his TS from before the patch, hoping it would sky rocket after 3.1 hit. Unfortunately we can't all be successful seers. Hopefully with the new PvP season on the way the not-so-hot items will have their chance in the spotlight. Thanks for the article Cathy!

  2. I think this post must of had some strange affect on the market. Last night when I checked the price for titansteel it was up and I sold one for 92g. Funny how things happen.