Friday, April 17, 2009

Daily Quests

Daily quests are important for the economy. They are essentially the virtual form of "work" that the vast number of us do every day. It injects new money into the economy which is needed to keep the economic engine going and prices from falling too far. Imagine if you no longer received gold from completing quests or selling items to a vendor. With a stagnant money supply and continual production of consumables, eventually the people who purchased those consumables would start running out of money to buy things with. Our supply and demand curves would say that high supply and low demand means low prices. So, to keep rapid deflation under check, do your dailies! I do have an ulterior motive for wanting people to do dailies. It gives them money to buy my stuff. :)

The best kind of daily quest is one that gives something in addition to a monetary reward, like reputation with a faction. Doing dailies just for gold really gets tedious and I've pretty much given up on it except for 2 fast and easy Ebon Hold quests that I can do while mining. The new Argent Tournament dailies are great in that they aren't "grindy". They've got me interested in playing the game again and the gold is an added bonus. Hopefully in a month or so I'll be proudly wearing the Crusader title, even though I'll miss my current title of "The Argent Champion".

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  1. Personally I'm not a big lover of dailies but yes I do understand their importance. When I do require rep etc I go on a rampage to do them on a daily basis until I get sufficient rep to get what I need.

    I was a little disappointed that once I had done the Hodir quests for a few weeks to get Exalted, Blizzard decides you can turn in relics for rep...UGH.

    Dailies are certainly a great way to earn some cash. Even for some quick cash go back to the Isle of Quel'Danas. Probably very little ganking issues there now and the quests can be done quickly since you are 10lvls up.

    Some of the old world mats you pick up along the way may still have value as people are leveling professions and will often pay in the AH for the mats as oppose to farming them.