Friday, April 24, 2009

The WoW Index

I've been working on a project for this site which is to display an index of the top auction house consumables. It hasn't been going as planned. I originally wanted to mimic what the Dow Jones Industrial Average does, but coming up with a way to determine each items sale price is a bit troublesome.

The problem starts with the fact that the auction house isn't really like the stock market. If you want to buy a share of Walmart stock, you look up the price online and that's what you pay. There isn't 50 different prices for Walmart stock. But that's how the auction house works. This means that the auction house in WoW is more like a commodities exchange like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which sells stuff like corn, lumber and gold. Even that comparison is a bit of a stretch.

So, the WoW Jones Industrial Average will be more of a collection of graphs that I compile using the addon Market Watcher. I'll have my first graphs up soon showing how the price of things like saronite, buff food and flasks have gone up and down over the past weeks.

In non-economy news, I've started doing Arena matches for season 6. Starting from 0 points is kinda cool. A loss doesn't mean much other than a way to learn from our mistakes and a win is about 45 points or so. For 2v2, I've been playing with Krys, the hunter I've PvP'ed with for a while now. For 3's, it's me, Krys and my wife's death knight. The DK has some pretty low grade crafted gear right now, but we're still managing to win some. Things seem more "bursty" now compared to last season, even though Krys and I have more resilience. Maybe it has something to do with how Holy was changed around from last season. I'm definitely having issues keeping up with damage, even in 2's, compared to last season. Warriors are absolutely sick now. I have to keep far enough away from them so that if I need to bubble, the warrior won't just immediately smash the bubble and kill me. I guess I'll have to spend more time on Arena Junkies trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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  1. I bow down to those that PVP well. You have to know all classes very well in order to counter react to their skills.

    As we know my pvp skills always involve horde ganking me. Since I don't pvp my method of avoid death(my own of course)is to pop mirror images, blink and invisi. Its been a fairly successful technique thus far hehehe.

    Fleeing the scene is a totally underestimated strategy in my mind :)