Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hot or Not?

Today we at the WoW Street Journal bring you this week's Hot or Not by staff reporter Cathy C.


I have another category called "cooled" items since some items are still popular but the price has dropped somewhat.

Frost Lotus

Hot – The price of the Frost Lotus did not increase until the second week after the patch. I attribute this to raiding schedules. Most people in the first week after the patch were busy with their duel spec, the Argent Tournament or making goldJ


Cooled - Initially, my husband was making $1,600-$1,800 per day making and selling glyphs and is now making $600 per day. It was much more work than Chris anticipated with keeping up on the herbs and he had spent a ton of gold on the Book of Glyph Mastery.

Book of Glyph Mastery

Cooled – Prices on the books have dropped to about $400 on our server from a whopping 1-2k. Although they are popular as all Scribes want them, there’s something like 61 new Glyphs to get. Unless you are fortunate to get them in a Naxx run or have a guildie pass one your way, it gets very expensive to collect them. Hubby was fortunate enough to get 3 from Naxx. He has purchased about 15 of them and so to avoid replication of glyphs within the guild, they allow him to loot this item. So, try for some Naxx runs.


Hot – With more people raiding I am selling tons of flasks but only make Endless Rage since it appears to selling the best. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday seem to be the best nights and I generally sell about 30 flasks per night if I’m available to continually place my flasks up in the AH.


Cooled - It appears herbs, other than Lichbloom, are beginning to cool as inscribers perhaps are selling less glyphs. Icethorn has dropped in price and is a good one to purchase as a Northrend Herb to mill and exchange the Ink of the Sea for other inks you may need.


NOT – I know Mille mentioned in a previous post that she is making gold from gems, but for me I was having too many gems returned. I absolutely agree about strength gems that they are the top seller for sure. My expectations were probably too high. Prices didn’t pop up and there is a lot of undercutting. So I’m sticking with making the new PVP neck and ring pieces which I’m selling periodically. This at least frees up on my bags of some of the less valuable blue and green gems.

The new storm gems are bringing in a pretty penny for about 500g each.

Leatherworking (General)

NOT – Upon speaking with an experienced Leatherworker, I was advised there was little gold coming in from this profession. The price of heavy leathers has dropped and really not worth farming. Perhaps as new patterns from Ulduar appear there may be mats that will take a hike in price and need. He advised me that Runed Orbs were not in circulation as yet and a requirement I believe for most the Ulduar patterns.


NOT - From what I can gather again this profession is not a big money maker and is in the same position as Leatherworking that perhaps sales will increase as mats become in higher demand.


  1. Storm gems? What are storm gems!?!?!? Do you have any suggestions as to what the BEST JC patterns are to buy in order to make serious gold?

  2. Hey Millie

    Storm gems are the gems that come from Ulduar so they have higher stats on them. I've seen them from 500-700g and actually bought one for 200g and sold it for 450g. However, they are unique equip. I would assume you'd only see them in AH from pugs as most guilds will take and use them.

    As for patterns I would suggest the orange ones like Inscribed Monarch, Etched Monarch as seem to be in a higher demand.

    I think I was so spoiled after Lich began selling Bold Scarlet Rubies for 130-150g its difficult to see them go for less than 80g but I certainly realize its all profit if you simply prospected ores you had for the gems.

    Purified TWilight opal does pretty good as well. Keep an eye on uncut gems to get cheap and resell. Sometimes the market gets saturated with them.