Monday, April 13, 2009

Market trends

One thing I want to do here is post some weekly price trends in graph form. I downloaded an addon called Market Watcher that is supposed to generate graphs to do just that. I'm having some issues with it, so it may take a little while before I have it figured out. Once I get the technical details worked out, I plan on scanning a few key items every morning before I leave for work and then post a graph on Monday evening.

Common sense would say that farmed materials and consumables would go down in price over the weekend and hit rock bottom on Monday evening, then shoot back up from Tuesday through Thursday. I'm curious to see if there is anything that does the opposite.

From memory, I know that the price of Saronite ore drops like a stone on Sunday evening. If you're a Jewelcrafter, this is a great time to scoop up some cheap ore to prospect.

What weekly price trends have you noticed?

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