Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3.1 incoming!

It looks like patch 3.1 is being release today. Gentlemen, start your economic engines! I don't expect hyper inflation like past patches, but I do think things will start to move faster and prices of raw materials and consumables will increase by 10-20%.

Tomorrow is Tax Day here in the U.S. so prepare for incoming non-WoW related wall of text.


  1. Hey Rorik

    Grats on the new blog. Very nice:)

    Yeah I guess I'm ready for the patch. I've got tons of the stuff ready in the bank to sell. My only concern is that perhaps prices won't jump up a little like I'm hoping. If not, I'm sure they will at least sell fairly quickly at a reasonable price.

    My big debate was whether to make the 2hour flasks ahead and turn them in for 2 1hr flasks so I wouldn't have to bug my hubby to make them after the patch. So I've made a few and will make a few more through the week. Hmmm I could just hijack his toon shhhhhhh.

    Again, great site Rorik...you know I love playing with the wow economy:)


  2. Yay, another comment! Just bring Krys a big piece of cake and tell him to pig out while he hits the Create All button for the flasks.