Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On customer anger and stealth nerfs

A few quick items today. First, one of the guys we run Naxx 25 with on occasion got an in-game mail last night from an upset customer. What would a customer have to gripe about if all items in game are of equal quality (e.g. all flasks of endless rage are exactly the same)? Well the price of course! With flasks and glyphs going like hotcakes, herbs are also going up in price. Our PUG friend was selling frost lotus at about 18 gold each, where pre 3.1, they were around 8 gold each according to Cathy. This angry consumer basically told our friend that he was a jerk and shouldn’t rip people off. I say, good for you, PUG friend! Keep it up!

On another note, paladins got nerfed…again. This time it was a stealth nerf. No patch notes, no nothing. Exorcism before Tuesday was doing damage to enemy players, now it only does damage to monsters. I understand why Ghostcrawler and his coworkers at Blizzard did it, but not announcing it or including it in the patch notes is pretty crappy customer service. Remember, we pay for this game and are customers. I’ve quit WoW for another MMO before and I can certainly do it again. I was really excited to start doing Arenas with my paladin as Ret again too. Now it’s back to Holy.

And I heal and I heal and I heal and I heal and I heal and I heal. /yawn

I wonder how Warhammer is coming along…

*PS - I think Tom over at Blessing of Might said it best:


  1. I heard about that email regarding the Frost Lotus. Alot of folks just don't understand supply and demand. I definately test the waters if I'm the only person listing an item. I absolutely want to get maximum profits. If it doesn't sell, no big deal I lower and relist.

    As for the second part of your post, I'm very sad for you and even sadder for myself because I have no clue what Exorcism is for a pally. The only Exorcism I know is when I was tied up in the basement as a child and a priest was throwing holy water at me. *shiver*

  2. Sounds like someone is upset about being a price taker, and having to buy at going rate of the market.

    There's a whole discussion there about price versus value seekers. Reminds me of school... /twitch

  3. LOL Cathy. You always know how to turn a frown upside down ;)