Friday, April 24, 2009

Enchanted with Enchanting (and Jumping for Gems)

Today we have an article by guest reporter Millie. (Sorry I forgot to post it sooner!)

With the release of Patch 3.1 my hopes were high (thanks to my husband, Rorik) for enchanting and jewel crafting to bring in great sums of gold. Much to my chagrin things were looking a wee bit grim on the Auction House immediately after the patch. Enchanting supplies and gems were both in the gutter. But the WoW Gods were smiling down on me because Arena Season 6 was just around the corner. Thanks to Rorik’s advice I made 400 gold last night, mainly from enchanting supplies. Gems also brought in some cash, including “lowbie” gems such as +12 strength. The key? Patience!

Now that season 6 has started and guilds are also starting to get through Ulduar, more and more gear is being replaced. And what good is sweet new gear without some sparkly new gems and ritzy enchants? That’s where you come in. If you’re an enchanter and/or jewel crafter, NOW is the time to make good on your professions. Below are some tips and tricks to help move your supplies along and get you rolling in dough.

Tip #1 – The prime time for selling gems and enchants is after 10:00. This is usually when guilds call it a night for raiding and people finish up arenas and battlegrounds. But before you go to bed, what is the first thing your potential customers do? They run to the AH to purchase your goods and buff up their sweet new gear. So, if you have enchanting supplies or gems put them up before you go to bed! In the morning you’ll have a mailbox full of gold. It’s just like putting your tooth under your pillow and waiting for the tooth fairy to come, only it’s way better!

Tip #2 – Scrolls sell! If you can find someone to make you Armor Vellum the return you get on scroll sales is through the roof. However, you will still make a pretty penny if you purchase Vellum. Last night I got a stack of 5 Armor Vellum III for 36 gold. I made 5 Scroll of Enchant Chest – Superior Stats and sold each for an average of 38 gold. That means I made 154 gold, roughly a 230% profit. WEWT! The best part is, there is no deposit required for scrolls or any other enchanting supplies.

Tip #3 – Infinite Dust means infinite riches! The stuff goes so fast you’ll have to keep posting more every hour just to keep up. Again, no deposit required.

Tip #4 – If you have Greater Cosmic Essences, break them down into Lesser ones and sell them for a higher price. I was selling single units of Lesser Cosmic Essence last night for 7G 50S. For whatever reason, Greater Cosmic Essence sells for a lower price. I guess people don’t realize you can break one Greater Essence down into 3 Lesser Essences. Take advantage of stupid people.

Tip #5 – Gems are going up in value. If you see some jerk post any gem for 50% lower than the next highest post, BUY THEM and re-post at a higher price, just slightly under the next highest seller. People don’t realize the value of gems is going up. Take advantage while you can.

Tip #6 – Strength is where it’s at. According to Rorik’s research last night Strength gems are going for an extremely high price. My guess is that there are lots of DK’s out there getting new arena gear and they want to make themselves even more OP than they already are.

Tip #7 – The most important tip of all. BE PATIENT! If you knew me you would probably laugh at me for saying that. I have the least patience of any person I know. But if something isn’t selling right away, hang in there. Demand will eventually go up. Keep checking auction prices. Don’t undercut by too much and as Cathy has said before, if someone undercuts you by a little, re-list at a lower price…just don’t go too crazy.

Hopefully you’ll find these tips useful. I know I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I woke up and saw all those auction sales in my mailbox. Of course, I have to give credit where credit is due. If it weren’t for Rorik convincing me to become a JC/Enchanter I’d probably still be very poor. After all, I don’t think I can compete with Cathy’s herbing and flask business!

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  1. Excellent tips Millie. I never really took the timing into consideration for the gems but the later night absolutely makes sense.

    Yes, patience is everything since you don't want to give your stuff away but make a fair profit.

    I'm glad to hear enchanting is doing so well. When Lich came out with vellums for enchanters it was the perfect opportunity to make some serious gold.

    Rorik, you making any gold with engineering since the patch?